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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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My impression is that the Enterprise IS a light cruiser.
Is there any on screen evidence of that?
You're asking me for onscreen evidence that I got the impression the Enterprise was a light cruiser?

Going strictly by the supposed crew complement, size relative to the other ships we saw in the squadron she was part of in XI, and her overall capabilities, she seems to fill the same role as she did in the prime universe. That of a full sized cruiser.
Actually I thought the TOS ship was a light cruiser in the prime universe too and didn't become a "heavy" cruiser until the refit in TMP (heavier shields, increased torpedo and phaser armament, etc). Arguably, the refit at the end of STID might reflect the same up-classing, considering both its weapons and engines appear to have been upgraded.

Not the biggest ship around, but certainly by no measure a "small ship." She's definitely a capital ship.
So was USS Voyager (which, by the way, WAS the most modern ship in Starfleet at the time it was launched). Yet Voyager still wasn't quite as large as the Excelsior class ships that had been in service almost a hundred years earlier.

As far as her being the flag ship, I think some fans have a hard time separating the notion of "flag ship" with "big ship" they're not mutually exclusive. A flag ship in this case would, I assume, be the vessel that would lead squadron's into battle, or carry out Star fleet's most important assignments.
Either of which doesn't really imply bigness. Actually, I think in Starfleet terms the "flag ship" tends to be the FASTEST ship in the fleet (maybe precedent established by NX-01?).
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