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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

Thoroughly enjoyed this. As always, in these type productions, the acting is the weak link, but still solid efforts from all involved. And what a treat to see Michael Forrest again! My main problems lie with Spock and McCoy. Kirk seems too old, and it's weird trying to warm up to his Shatner impression...but I did warm up. Not so much with Spock...way too young...and McCoy, mugging too much for the camera. I'm sure experience will only help, but I'm sorry they didn't seek out more polished actors from the get-go. production wise, this was gorgeous....from the lighting to the sound to the editing and the best looking CGI Enterprise I believe I've ever seen. Outstanding job by all who made this look like it jumped off the shelf at NBC. One little gripe...why weren't any of the consoles lit? All those nice colored ice-tray buttons should have been backlit. A real shame to take the set that far and not complete then effect. But all in all, great fun, well done and I look forward to episode 2!
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