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Re: Russell T. Davies's WIZARDS VS. ALIENS on The Hub

In theory, it's an interesting concept, combining the ideas of magic/fantasy and aliens/SF. But so far they don't seem to be doing much with it that's very interesting -- just mashing two sets of stock tropes together. There should be much more interesting ways of combining the two. For instance, instead of just having standard technology-based aliens whose king eats magic or whatever the hell that is, why not have alien sorcerors who have used magic to enable themselves to travel among the stars? Maybe have them look down on humans with scorn for our tunnel vision in keeping magic a secret and separating it from science, when the two of them working together can achieve greater things. Give them a technology that's as much magical as scientific, so that both the magic guy and the science guy are stymied by it until they begin figuring out how to mesh their methods and worldviews.
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