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Caught it the other day. gave it 3/5 which translates to a C more or less.

There's a number of reset buttons pressed, particularly the big one for Kirk. Have given up on the novel series that have brought characters back from the dead. Wasn't fond of it being used here either.

The addressing of Kirk being promoted to the center seat too fast was handles much too quickly. In the space of 5 minutes he went from Captain, back to the academy, to First Officer and back to Captain. It felt like the writers were saying. "We heard you comments about how he was promoted too fast and here's our solution." It was so brief and so lacking in necessity that it could have been removed without any major change in the story at all. Have Picke give him the dressing down, say he's disappointed and then kill Pike and we'd be basically at the same point when Kirk met with Marcus.

It was good to see Uhura actually putting her talents to work, something he prime counterpoint never really did. (Uhura Prime apparently decided that the best language for dealing with the Klingons and Romulans was Swahili). On the downside, too much of her character is still based around her being Spock's girlfriend. She feels like a combination of supporting character and plot device.

It was good to see Sulu in the center seat. Chekov was pretty much put into the red shirt so he'd have something to do (There's no engineers better suited for the top job that a 17 year old navigator? He may have shadowed Scotty but there's people thee who's job it is to run the equipment.) Scotty also had his little side adventure. Lucky for him that Section 31 apparently doesn't know anything about security.

There were a few other eye rolling moments but for the most part it was an enjoyable popcorn flick. Won't be catching it again on the big screen but will pick up a copy for later viewing at home. It's not one I'll re-watch often but it could help fill a lazy Saturday when the weather is bad.
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