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Re: Why did they bother...

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The characters have stood the test of time, and are now played by different actors.

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The actors are not the icons...the characters are.
Which is why I wondered why they bothered using the names of the original characters since their personalities are no where near the personalities of the original characters.

I think Zachary Quinto is a good actor, but just having pointed ears, funny hair, and a monotone voice doesn't make him Spock. Leonard Nimoy projected that character. I get none of that with the new movies. Spock is/was a scientist. nuSpock is an administrator.
You're mileage may very (sorry I didn't abbreviate that, I'm old and still type out entire words ). They are all are spot on to the characters. Scarry so. Whatever the weaknesses people think Orci et al have in storytelling, they've been very true to the characters, and the actors have been, too. Again, in my opinion.
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