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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I have found one big, big thing wrong with the Romulan content:

You only realistically have one ship to choose from when you rank up. It's really grating having to go from a Mogai (basically an escort) to a D'deridex (a whale). That sort of play-style shift is just too much, especially for a new player. They throw you a bone with the T3 ship from the anniversary mission, but otherwise you are stuck. Sure, you could pay the still-freaking-ridiculous dil prices for the allied faction, but there is basically no chance of having that much dil before lvl 50; and at any rate, that much dil could get you A LOT of zen/rep/whatever.
So I should not start playing as a Rommie?
If you are new to the game play a Rommie. Their tutorial and quest line are very good and teach you how to play the game
Ok. Thanks. I shall do so. I do like the game so far. Is there an ok site that explains gearing and and skill builds?
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