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Re: Why did they bother...

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Elmer Fudd started out as an offensive stereotype of a black man, but very few people even know about that today. Even though that was his "original" form, I don't see anyone arguing that he should be changed back to what he was, because it would not work in today's society (it didn't even work for very long after that cartoon was aired, and has been banned for a long time). Same with Kirk and Spock...their original characters don't fit into today's entertainment, and evolving them was the best thing to do. Example of the original Elmer Fudd.
That is an absolutely horrible comparison.

Horrible. Inapplicable.

A racist character unfit for modern times has no parallel in TOS Kirk and Spock--the latter being characters who in their original form--stood the test of time, and remain pop culture fixtures to this day.
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