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Not just smashed, the Enterprise blows up in Star Trek III.
TMP: Enterprise unscathed.
TWOK: heavily damaged.
TSFS: destroyed.
TVH: (only a cameo at the end).
TTF: no damage.
TUC: heavily damaged.
GEN: Enterprise destroyed.
FC: quite a bit of internal redecoration.
INS: no damage.
NEM: heavily damaged.

Nine movies with an Enterprise before ST09 and STID. Two are destroyed; three take a lot of battle damage; one is significantly damaged internally the Borg. Being on an Enterprise in the movies is like taking a chance on a Carnival cruise ship, for crying out loud.
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Well, I was going to go in the direction of responding, "I'd LOVE to see the Enterprise get smashed in the next movie!" Scotty and it would share something green. The Enterprise, really warped, would get pulled over by the Warp Patrol, and blow a 0.09 from its bussards. But I went the other way. Sorry, old sport.
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