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Re: Grey Dress Uniforms

^ Ground troops? Starfleet Marines, or whatever you prefer to call them?

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I loved them, nice and smart and professional. Also not being politically correct and putting female officers in skirts and boots.
Just wish they would explain the rank bars?
I liked them as well. from what i could tell 1 bar is ensign 2 bars is lieutenant 3 bars are for Lieutenant Commanders and Commanders (if you note that Scotty had two bars on his dress uniform instead of 3 and both he and McCoy are both Lieutenant Commanders so it must have been a prop error). and four are for Captains.
The rank system is the same as in TOS.

On the normal duty uniforms, the insignia is straight out of TOS (albeit with a 'thin' bar replacing the broken bar from the original). The dress versions, I didn't get a good look at, but I'm guessing that a similar system is in place.

Oh wait, you mean the other new uniforms, the ones with the little colored triangle on them denoting the wearer's division? I didn't even look at the rank pins on those.
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