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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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Why would that even be happening due to Spock's ongoing relationship?
Like I said, his hormonal chemistry would be different if he were sexually active, and that might "prime" his system for an earlier onset of pon farr.
Don't appreciate the tone Christopher.

What I was getting at was that I was thinking Pon Farr occurred because Vulcans didn't have sex regularly.
This seems to be a common misconception. The first pon farr seems to be largely hormonal but after that the telepathic component comes into play. Maybe Vulcan women become fertile every 7 years and the telepathic link triggers pon farr. If the Vulcan male is not linked, or is not fully Vulcan, maybe the cycle becomes more irregular for both parties.

The fact that Tuvok could not suppress his pon farr by having sex with his holographic wife adds credence to the telepathic component.

The whole process is a bit nebulous though. Vulcans don't like to discuss it after all!
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