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Sonic: Lost World

As part of an exclusive three game deal, Sega is bringing the next main series Sonic game out on the Wii U and 3DS later this year.

The debut trailer came out today:

Fans are calling the gameplay similar to Mario Galaxy series, but it looks like it might actually be based on Sonic X-Treme, the cancelled Saturn game they wanted to 'eventually' bring out.

At the start of the game we see the Flickie's, unseen since Sonic sent them all home in the Saturns only main game Sonic 3D.

The Saturn era is pretty neglected so combining two titles from the console for a new main game could be interesting. It looks unique enough from the modern trilogy to give it a good chance to stand on it's own.

Being Nintendo exclusive and trying out new looks and moves made Colours one of best in the franchise for years so I'm hoping Lost World is going to be at least as good.
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