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Re: Trek I to X: Special Edition/Director's cut on Blu Ray

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I'm glad to have the theatrical cuts too! I just wish it was the other way around. I wish the theatrical cuts were the DVD versions and the DE/SE were the BLU-RAYs.
Yep and what really kills me is if Paramount cared even a little bit more, they could have very easily created Blu-ray discs that include both Theatrical and Director's Editions of all the movies (aside from TMP of course) via seamless branching. Paramount really needs to get a clue from the way CBS is so thoroughly handling the TV properties.

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Damn ! I want TMP's director's cut in HD.
That of course would have required a re-render of the all CG created back in 2001. The DE was done on a tight budget so it was only rendered at 480p since the target was DVD.

It could be pretty easily brought up to par, multiple members of the DE production staff have repeatedly said over the years they're game to re-work it for Blu-ray.

There is a newly color-timed transfer of the live action footage in 1080p that Robert Wise oversaw sitting somewhere in an archive at Paramount just waiting to be used.

It's just the CG that needs re-rendering, and while Foundation Imaging went bankrupt a few years after doing the TMP DE, many of the source 3D files are still in the hands of one or two of the VFX artists that worked on it.

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