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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I wonder if Lois will pick up some fallen soldiers rocket launcher and start attacking the bad guys
You do know her father is a general in the US Army and she grew up as an Army brat? That alone makes it likely she'll grab some sort of weapon and actually know how to use it (well, more likely than just about any other non-soldier character in the movie).
Yeah, I know that, and I'm all for Lois being more than a damsel in distress. It was just a comment after seeing Jor-El, who's supposed to be just a scientist, look like he's about to laucnh into a action movie star rampage against the bad guys with his stupid armor and weird (I'm assuming laser?) gun. I could probably have replaced Lois with Ma Kent or something in the comment. Still, army brat =/= working knowledge on using a rocket launcher. Besides, it doesn't look like a rocket launcher would be very helpful, anyway. My point (about Jor-El stupidly being turned into a fighter and wether or not the movie will keep doing that) still stands.
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