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Re: Grey Dress Uniforms

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But the TOS style uniforms just look cheap and don't fit with the lineage established with the other outfits at all.
I liked the TOS uniforms and wanted to see more of those and less of everything else. And yeah, the other outfits did unfortunately make the TOS uniforms look out of place at times.

Thinking about it now, it would have been nice if the Vengeance uniforms were exactly like the updated and embroidered TOS uniforms, but in black. Dark green or purple might have worked too.
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Not feeling the Vengeance uniforms, at all. I am a huge fan of the dress uniforms, because they actually look like military uniforms, rather than costumes.
Do you think the Vengeance uniforms were Section 31 uniforms or a rift on the Next Generation?
The crew of the Vengeance were "private security", as per Scotty. So probably the uniform for a private security firm or private military company.
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