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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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^ You've got no reason to be sorry; not everything Joss has done is going to appeal to everybody; I personally have no interest in Dr. Horrible despite being a huge fan of Joss' works.
I do like Dr. Horrible, but I don't love it, and I wouldn't call myself a fan as I would about his other TV shows.

One thing that Joss has done that I really detest (apart from certain episodes he's written and certain plotlines he's come up with or okayed) is the comic Sugarshock. (I also dislike Alien Resurrection, but Joss has talked about his dissatisfaction with it, and I don't know how much of my dislike is due to his script and how much to other aspects.)* But the things I love or like are certainly in the majority.

*I'm not counting the Buffy movie - Joss' script was good, but it's very different from what ended up in the movie, and I don't consider the movie his work.
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