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Re: Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

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Ok, I'll probably catch some flak for this and I'll preface it by saying I have no experience in any actual film production...and I Have nothing but respect for all fan productions. Regardless of the quality in the final output, I give them credit for the work they have done and what they have achieved.

That being said, there is a problem I have noticed in many fan productions. For the most part, many seem to intent on trying and recreate some aspect of one various series. Regardless of....
Aren't there only so many ways you can go? Standalone/Film, Mini-series/Series? Everything else is narrative.

I would suspect that ST fans, albeit subconsciously, expect a certain format with which they are familiar. You step away from this, and no matter how good the story is, you lose a good chunk of the crowd, though probably pick up another group along the way, though a bigger risk.

I personally yearn for more prime post-voyager! Pleeeease!
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