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I'm not quite sure where the thread can go. Practically no one who favors the death penalty does so for any reason other than the desire to kill people, and innocence doesn't diminish the pleasure one bit. The practical and moral arguments against it have been made effectively, yet the joy of state murder remains. The only novelty offered, the practical necessity for the death penalty in revolution, is unpleasant and undebated.

The ill-natured "joke" about Italian being awesome (that's a devastating satire on one's nation's pretensions!) was matched by my bilious jibe about Berlusconia. The only difference is I'm retroactively embarrassed by the crudity. And I'm sure my Italian grammar is much worse, though happily I'm aware of it. So, I don't feel too put upon. And I am aware that the real motive for the extraneous disdain is political animus. Disliking Lega Nord, especially for being lower class, is not leftwing, while disliking the Refoundation opposition or Proposta, assuming it hasn't blown up, is definitely politically conservative. Similarly, being anti-death penalty is not particularly left-wing. Prudence, commonly mislabeled a conservative virtue, in fact dictates the end of the death penalty.

The aside about the stupidity of liking the new BSG's characters was completely OT. Sorry.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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