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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm 18 years old, which means I was born about the time Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on television.
Holy crap that makes me feel old, and I'n only 25.

The thing I notice reading this thread is that most of the people here are in the early to mid twenties and grew up on TNG. I wonder if we did a similar DS9 thread if everyone would be 5 years younger?

The other thing I didn't mention in my thread was I liked how the shippiness was handled best in TNG. There was the R/T backstory, and P/C tension that mostly flew under the radar. The P/C and Worf/Troi stuff came along in S7, but mostly this element was understated. As opposed to the later series, where you had regulars pawing each other all over the place.
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