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Re: Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

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Kruezerman, I couldn't agree more. All I know is I want the setting to be Star Trek, using that as a way to tell interesting original stories with that an primarily the playground we'd get to work/live in. I have some ideas as to the original stories I want to tell just wanna keep those secret until the end.
Ya know man, if it were me (and thank God it's not) I'd put it in TMP. I think it would be so much more interesting story-wise if it was set just a few years down the road instead of a hundred. And if the new movies or series contradict it, so what? Like I said, make this yours, independent!

Dude, I would love to see maybe a ghost story or zombies or even the Borg! We need a Trek that doesn't care and wants to have fun!
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