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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm 24, currently two and a half quarters away from a BS in accounting, and grew up watching TNG vociferously. My Dad is a trekkie, and starting with The Big Goodbye he taped all the episodes (mostly first-run), so whenever I went to visit him all we'd do is watch hour after hour of Star Trek together. Or by myself until the wee hours of the night .

My favorite characters during TNG's run were Tasha Yar and Ensign Ro, but about ten years ago I was looking back at my favorite episodes, and I realized that Riker has a strong presence in each and every episode I love, so I realized that Riker has been my subconcious favorite all along! I also had a little girl crush on Wesley, and then I got a little older and hated him, and now I'm 24 and have a little girl crush on him again, but I'm old enough now to not take it seriously. I loved Beverly's red hair, and was disappointed that it has gotten blonder and blonder but oh well, she still looks good! I never realized what an impression Picard left on me until watching post-TNG Star Trek. I enjoy a lot of DS9, VOY, ENT, and the movies but I really miss the efforts to solve problems without violence.

I haven't gotten to watch much TNG in quite a while, the last time I visited my Dad and had enough time to watch his Star Trek tapes was in 1998, and I used that time to catch up on DS9 and Voyager. So I think the last time I saw a lot of the episodes was in 1996, but I feel like I know the episodes well, having seen them so much. I miss them, and I'm trying (and failing) to save up to get the DVDs and a DVD player. I have seasons 4 and 5, but I can't decide which season to get next because I love them all so much.
No syndication available for me; I don't have cable, don't get reception, and only use it for tapes, dvds, and videogames.
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