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Re: Star Trek: TNG film era reboot?

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TNG was an excellent TV series. It stunk as a film series. And it would stink on ice if they attempted to "reimagine" it as a modern Hollywood summer blockbuster film. All IMHO, of course.
What was bad about TNG films? they made enough of them that they had to be in demand from somebody. I am not a TNG nut but I enjoy the show and the movies occasionally, never remember thinking to myself .... Wow this is awful
I'm not saying that the TNG movies did not draw an audience. Well, all except Nemesis anyway, which lost money and did not justify a sequel in Paramount's eyes. But I'm speaking of the more subjective and difficult to quantify matter of quality. I did not think the TNG movies were all that good.

That's not to say that I thought they were crap. I don't decry every moment of Insurrection as some do around here, for example. But I thought there were too many things done to make TNG attempt to appeal to that ever-elusive "mass market" moviegoing public that took it away from what made the TV series good. Action hero Picard. All the stores having to be action/adventure. A Data B-story in every movie. The loss of the ensemble feel from the show. Etc.

But, then again, I've always thought that Star Trek works best as a TV series, not a movie series. Even the best of the Trek movies, IMHO, does not compare to Trek's best work on television. Unfortunately, I think that's an inherent limitation of today's moviemaking environment. When you're releasing a movie once every 2-3 years, and spending a bagillion dollars on it, you can't take risks. On a TV series, with 26 episodes per year and a much lower audience threshold for success, you can.
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