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Re: ALT: Star Trek Into Darkness by A. D. Foster Review Thread (Spoile

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JJ could learn to let the characters have more time to talk and scenes breathe so the plot makes sense more easily. Star Trek works best when characters have time to interact with each other and talk.
I don't know. The more dialogue you present, the more gotcha moments that are there for the OCD crowd to tear apart.

In another conversation, I mentioned I thought that the movie might be better if we got more of Khan's background. But the downside is the more backstory you put out there presents the opportunity for more errors to be found.

Especially from this crowd.
I see what you are saying, but every extended conversation that Foster put into this book does nothing but further illuminate the plot, characters and strengthen both as well. So I think that JJ could learn to let some scenes breathe and help both character development and plot all because the scenes were stretched out a bit
But what do you cut? Into Darkness already clocked in at over two hours. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but you would have to cut something if you started extending scenes.
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