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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hey everyone, I'm SmoothieX. I'm 25, male, and live in Vermont. I have a Master's degree in environmental engineering, and mainly work on public works and land development projects at a local firm.

I was 7 when TNG came out, and watched from the beginning. My parents were big TOS fans, so I saw reruns of that, and TVH in the theater to prime me for TNG. TNG was on Saturday nights for most of the run where I lived, so it was a family viewing event most weeks.

I liked S1, but at the time wish they killed off Troi instead of Yar. I liked episodes like Conspiracy and Aresenal of Freedom, that showed the new crew working together and becoming a team.

S2 is definitely my least favorite. I thought Pulaski was a McCoy clone and much preferred Crusher. The episode quality suffered I feel from the writer's strike, but didn't realize that at the time.

S3-S6 is very solid. BOBW is to this day my favorite Trek and favorite cliffhanger of any series. It was also my first run-in with a cliffhanger. I remember Riker ordering to fire like it was yesterday. My mom had to explain to me that to be continued meant next fall and not next week. And in those days, there was no internet to spoil everything.

Also, The Inner Light gets me blubbering and choked up every time. It's the only episode that really hits me like that.

I don't rip S7 as much as some. It was real hit or miss. You have solid episodes like The Pegasus and Parallels, but real stinkers like Sub Rosa.

My favorite character was Riker. He was bold and confident as an officer, friendly, good with the ladies, etc.

Picard is my favorite of any of the Captains. He could kick ass when needed, but could do at least as much damage dressing you down verbally.

My favorite interpersonal relationship was Geordi/Data. A blind man teaching an android how to paint, that pretty much sums it up. I always root for the engineer for obvious reasons, and the way the show emphasized the human element of the equation through an emotionless being is wonderful.

I don't think the show has lost much with age. Yes, the effects and such are dated, but that's just the way things go. Character and moral dilemma episodes are always relevant. And the social issues they tackled, for example that episode where warp drive damages space as an allegory for today's impact by transportation/fossil fuel on the environment is still valid.

The other nice thing about catching on to the series so young is that I can appreciate it differently now as an adult as I did then. A 7 year old boy wants to see aliens and stuff blowing up, but now I can appreciate the subtler aspects much more.
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