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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I don't happen to post on this board at all frequently, yet here we are. I consider myself a Picard fan. I like the 24th century Renaissance Man aspect, on top of Stewart's performance. I find that I usually tend to post on minutia of the setting more than anything, because that's where my interests tend to lie--in cultures, species, and the like.

TNG is probably the Trek series that I was most invested in, having come into my own as a Trek fan only a year or so before it premiered. I was exciting to see the expansion of the universe I was enjoying up to that point.

I was open to the idea of series based around characters other than the original series', and perhaps more "utopian" in my outlook, which probably helped in the early stages of the show. At the time most of my friends who were also Trek fans were into the military hardware/protocol aspect, and TNG tended to disappoint there at first. For me though, I was immersing myself in the Diane Duane novels, and TNG jibed well with their style.

That said, in retrospect it's occurred to me that I enjoyed TNG in spite of formula creep in the details (Does every planet have a Roman numeral? Why are so many of the aliens' names built on the "T---ians" model? Why do all the aliens fly around in the same three ships? ) because I came to like the characters and characterization, and found myself sticking with them out of sheer familiarity.
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