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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Posted by Amelie:
....I also have a very big soft spot for Reginald Barclay. Because he reminds me of me. When I was a child and thru the teenage years, I was timid, shy and scared of people. I would prefer to hide away and bury my head in a book (holodeck not invented yet!) rather than be with people. I grew out of that but I still have a big tendency to annoy people and screw up. I also think he desreved more credit than he got and was judged too harshly by people. He never actually screwed up that badly but still got mistrusted all the time. Would like to see more discussion of him, but alot of people seem to dislike him and I guess he was only in 5 episodes much to my disappointment
Dwight Shultz showed up in -

TNG 'Hollow Pursuits' (introductory episode)
TNG 'The Nth Degree'
TNG 'Realm of Fear'
TNG 'Ship in a Bottle'
TNG 'Genesis'

Star Trek: First Contact

VOY 'Projections'
VOY 'Pathfinder'
VOY 'Life Line'
VOY 'Inside Man'
VOY 'Author, Author'
VOY 'Endgame'

And he got name-dropped in TNG 'A Fistful of Datas'. :thumbsup:
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