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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, folks. I'm 39 years old and work for a charity. I live on the English Riviera. I was rasied on TOS, it will always be what I think of when someone says Star Trek. I went to my first convention back in 83 and have been going to them ever since, and yes, shock horror, I've even worn a uniform! Although never the ears! Con-going for me is all about sitting in the bar and chatting to friends; I've lost most of my enthusiasm when they mostly became about autographs and merchandise. Still, I'll be celebrating my 40th at a con with Shatner in the New Year.

Took me 3 seasons to get into TNG. Really didn't care for it until season 3. I was quite vociferous in my dislike. But once I fell, I fell heavy! Of course Riker is my favourite character. I appreciate his flaws and think I see more good points in him than his many detractors. Of course him having Jonathan Frakes' pretty face and nice ass helps.

My favourite episodes are those that ponder the inponderables, pose the tricky questions, contemplate their navels. I think SF in general and Trek in partcular is a great crucible for studying the metaphysical aspects of living. And, of course, any Riker-centric episodes are my favourites, too.

R/T is an okay pairing and probably my default pairing, if such a thing exists, but I hanker after Riker/Ro and Riker/Yar. The last two would have been great together. Although, to be honest, Trek isn't really about the 'ships for me.

I love reading fanfic. I've been reading it for 25 years. My favourite stuff are pieces that are well-written and convincing. I'll read about anything as long as the author convinces me they believe it.

I like making icons and avatars, as y'all have probably guessed by now. I don't think I have any particular talent for it, but it keeps me off the streets! Here are one or two I made earlier...


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