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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

G'day, all. After a very long hiatus I recently started posting in this forum again because...well, TNG is one of my three favourite Trek series (TOS and Voyager are the others) and I felt it was time I started talking about it again.

I'm one of those people who was initially very skeptical about TNG. I'm not one of those dreary people who believes TOS is the only series, but I was very doubtful about TNG. But I watched with an open mind, persisted through the first couple of seasons, and reaped the rewards.

To me, the claims that TNG is sterile, dated, irrelevant, bland, whatever, make no sense. It's a series that offers a positive view of the future - a view where humanity finally "grows up", gets past all the mindless crap that presently divides us, and starts accepting people for who and what they are. I cannot see anything wrong with that.

Edit: I should add that I'd follow Picard anywhere, and that I regard "The Inner Light" as the single greatest "hour" of Star Trek in existence. Not by much...but it definitely leads the pack IMHO.
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