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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm USS Canadys, lurker and lover of all things Trek Except for TATV, STV, Insurrection, Threshold and Spock's Brain.

I can't post pics yet, I would steal Naraht's image of Beverly Crusher from the second post in this thread.

I've loved TNG since its debut in 1987 and cried during All Good Things. I just won't say which scene.

I've actually followed Trek since catching TWOK in the Philippines in 1982. The sequels and syndicates TOS's drew me in farther. TNG sucked me in completely. My first conveention was headlined by William Shatner and Patrick Stewart at the Hotel Pennylvania in NYC. There was a Klingon security force. I should've taken pics.

My fave TNG eps include "Conspiracy," "The Defector," "The Most Toys," "The Inner Light," "The Pegasus," "The Drumhead," and... oh, my hands hurt.

That's it for now!
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