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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

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The film directly references Star Trek: First Contact with the Phoenix, Star Trek: Enterprise with the Enterprise NX-01 model, and the episodes "First Flight" with the NX-alpha/beta model and "Home" with the offshore stadium.
Which merely confirms that the Narada arrived in the alternate timeline created by the Borg incursion in First Contact. The jury is still out as to what extent that timeline actually resembles the Primeline (or at least, the timeline of which TOS was originally a part).

That said, it's all fiction and open to interpretation. I can see how it may have changed the past, although as a fan of ENT and the novelverse, I like to go with their version of events. It's cool to think that if Pine's Kirk went back to 1986 he may bump into Shatner's Kirk, or that any number of versions of people from possible futures could come back (like we saw with Admiral Janeway in Voyager's finale)
But that's the thing: if Pinekirk runs into Shatnerkirk in 1986, then they are in effect entering the same timeline together. As a consequence they must both return to future of that timeline -- the SAME timeline -- which means one of them is going to be a timeline orphan.

That is the consequence of the Yar Effect. If something you do creates an alternate timeline, you can no longer return to the ORIGINAL timeline from which you started. In essence, the only way Shatnerkirk and Pinekirk could actually meet each other is if George and Gracie sent off the whale probe by telling it to go and blow up Hobus for some reason and it simply took a hundred years to make the trip; in that case, Shatnerkirk would return to his own future in a Klingon Bird of Prey, turn himself in to stand trial only to have the President ask "Stand trial for what? By the way, your son called, he wants to know when you'll be testing the upgraded Genesis device on Ceti-Alpha Five."
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