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Re: the ugliest enterprise

I voted for the JJ-Prise as well. I can't add anything to what has already been said about it. Uber-geek oversized (and that was before Into Darkness) with wrong shapes and proportions. The nacelles are way to oversized and bulbous, especially in the front when viewed from the profile. The engineering hull is proportioned wrong with the tapering toward the shuttlebay happening way too soon.

I guess bottom line is that it's so different from the TOS Enterprise that it makes me repulsed. I do wonder if I had seen the JJ-Prise first if I'd feel different.

I understand the complaints about the D. There are plenty of days I think it's an ugly design, too. From certain angles, however, it looks really sweet. Just don't let it saucer-separate. The whole headless Enterprise-D is ugly from any angle.

I can't wrap my mind around the Entrprise J enough to even comment. We saw it so briefly on screen. Every image I see gives me the feeling that it's incomplete somehow. I really dislike the J alot, too.
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