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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

It is going to be a very interesting Finals. The Spurs have consideralby more Finals experience among their core than the Heat's core and also are going to have the coaching advantage. The Heat though, on paper, are the better team.

What I want to see is if LeBron starts setting up on the low block and hurting them, will the Spurs put Duncan on him? Tim may be old but he is still a superior low post defender. Counting on LeBron to beat Duncan one on one off the block would also play right into the Spurs' hands, IMO. But LeBron on the block has been very productive for the HEat this season and with his court vision, LBJ might still beat you from there even if he isn't scoring in the low post.

Going to be very interesting.

BTW, yes I am envisioning the Heat in the Finals. I think the Pacers blew it leaving their game in Miami and coughing up game 3.
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