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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

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After reading 13 pages of this thread, I'm not too surprised to see that no one watched Season 4 of Enterprise. It was cancelled after all...but it is still canon, and it is pre-Nero timeline changes.

Peter Weller is playing John Fredrick Paxton, a disciple of Colonel Green and former leader of Terra Prime. Go ahead, check Memory Alpha. John Harrison...who was an actual TOS crew member as someone else already pointed somehow related to Paxton. I'm not sure how.

JJ Abrams is too good to rehash TWOK or WNMHGB. He is too good to not know that Weller has already played a Trek villain, tied to another unexplored Trek villain. Frankly, Paxton got 2 canon episodes (Demons and Terra Prime) versus Khan's 1 (Space Seed) so there is more material to work with. JJ is also too good to notice that these were the last 2 ST:ENT episodes before that disgusting debacle in the Holodeck which ended what had become a promising show so horribly wrong.

JJ is also very good at providing allusions to every other famous villain for us to salivate about. Releasing scenes like the WNMHGB-esque brig shot or the TWOK "the needs of the many" are just Abrams' own way of running a Corbomite Maneuver on us.

IMHO, of course.

EDIT: BTW, I love the Garth of Izar theory. After all, with the Nero timeline changes the Enterprise wouldn't be near Elba II to stop the jailbreak. Perhaps JJ should follow that one in his third installment.

So, now that I've read spoilers of the new movie (haven't seen it yet) I am both very disappointed in the writers and preparing to eat my ticket on video for Admiral Buzzkill
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