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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Posted by Ohappydagger:
You know, since it's Halloween today I figure it's an ideal time to post a pic of me dressed up as Bev on Halloween sixteen, yes, sixteen years ago. It was S3. I was so overjoyed to have Our Lady of Sickbay back on the show I had to celebrate.

Cute costume. I too went one year as a Trek character. TNG had been on about a month at the time--this was October 1987 and I was in fifth grade. We didn't have much money so my step dad put me together a Starfleet uniform out of stuff just hanging around. I went to the school festival and everyone recognized who I was trying to be--Geordi. But the funny thing is we didn't have any red for his costume just blue and I'm white not black yet even then people knew the characters. I guess the fact that I used my sister's hairclip tied with rubber bands around my eyes as Geordi's VISOR helped
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