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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

I've seen it three times and he says aft nacelle. All 3 of the viewings each had one person in the group state something to the effect of, "Aren't they both aft?" including myself.

I do agree with the statement, just because someone says something doesn't make it true. In this case though, the poster wasn't just saying it, he was speaking the truth. There is nothing within the Star Trek lexicon that remotely sounds like aft nacelle, he stated aft nacelle.

"Im going to take out your life support with hair gel?"

"Im going to take out you life support with a bat bell?"

"Im going to take out your life support so there's no crack smell?"

"Im going to take out your life support destroying your aft Dell"

It was just a case of laziness, using the terminology already given to the writers without thinking it through. Shit in the next one Kirk could be complaining about the food and call a replicator a turbolift. Only us fans would know, not the general populace which is who these movies are for. I don't know what's worse, the fact they misuse terminology, or that the laziness goes even further in that they don't come up with new stuff themselves so there's no contradiction.

But hell yeah, don't back down...if you heard something else then so be it, that's your right. I still choose to think that Han shot first, eventhough Greedo does now. I also choose to believe that McCoy couldn't thaw one of Khan's crew in time to extract their blood thus the need for having Khan alive. Sure you can take him out and put Kirk in and activate the tube, but he's still sitting there frozen. You'd have to cut him open and/or probably kill him to get the bloodsicles which is something McCoy wouldn't do. Whatever floats your boat!
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