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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

This is where I get to slaughter handles!

degra Why would you loathe to admit that?

Lady with the Torres Av (sorry!) That's such a cute costume. My mom sewed me Beverly's uniform for halloween one year when I was little. However, when I went to get a red wig, I found a mask that looked like Data, and bought it and painted it up like him. So, I went as Data in Beverly's uniform. Quite a disturbing thought, actually.


Hey! How ya'll doin'? I'm Nikki, or just Nik for short. I'm a 24-year-old from Tennessee. I was born in Bristol, TN/VA and have lived in various parts of the middle of the state since I was 9 (except for one semester at ETSU in 2000).

I'm on year 6-and-a-half of a B.S., thanks to changing majors and schools several times. (I wanted to leave school and come back when I knew exactly what I wanted, but dad forbid it.) I also took a semester off to get an EMT certification, which I just let expire, because I never was able to use it. (I get motion sick on ambulances.)

I work two part time jobs on the weekends, one selling music that I love and the other as a hotel desk clerk. (Wow, for the most basic info of my name, where I'm from, and what I do, that was dern long.)

As for my connection to TNG, I've only recently started watching it again. I was obsessive when I was in middle and high school, but, I forgive myself for that, because my sanity more or less depended on it. Though, I am sorry that I probably got on some shakey ground with the First Commandment there.


I prefer to the term Bev-centric or anything else you can come up with to Bev-head or Bev-wor$#--er (the latter is censored, because I have no intentions of using that word in a secular context). The term Bev-head makes me run to the mirror to make sure I haven't dyed my hair a brassy red again!
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