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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi everyone!

I'm your resident Will Riker Number One Fan (Number One...get it?), though I'll gladly share that title with WillsBabe. I'm 38 (that sounds awfully old next to you young ones ), and remember TNG from the first days of airing. I remember my hubby trying to get me interested in watching "this really neat new sci-fi show" and me resisting until the end of Season 3. Which was, coincidently, BOBW I .

Needless to say, that was all she wrote. I was hooked.

It's pretty obvious that Riker is my favorite character. I will watch his 'lead' eps time and time again. Personal favorites are BOBW I, Second Chances, The Pegasus and Frame of Mind . I also like Picard and Beverly, though I never was very fond of Worf. Troi I could take or leave, along with Geordi. Not that I didn't like them, just depended on the show. Data...the jury's still out on that one. For the most part, I enjoyed his character. At times, though....too much Data is not a good thing .

I'm also an avid reader and will search high and low to find interesting fanfic or novels that continue the story of the TNG crew. I watch my DVD's when I can, will re-watch First Contact and Insurrection , occasionally Nemesis , but somehow never find time to pull out Generations .

I'm terrible with posting pics (not sure if I even know how), but I sure do appreciate all the pro-Riker pics you post, Gold Grizzly !
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