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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

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Take Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS as an example. Yay, we have 3 black brothers running their own business. But can the actors act? Hell no, they were awful. They weren't awful because they were black, they were awful because they were bad actors.
I guess one of the hard things about stuff like this is people see different things. You see three black brothers running a business but I couldn't help watching it thinking it was unfortunately suggestive that they were running a chop shop.
But why is this bad? In real life bad people come in all colours, shapes, sizes and sexuality. I'd be quite happy for the Doctor to be played by a black or south Asian actor, but equally I'd be quite happy for the Master to be played by a none while actor too. I am the man who wanted Paterson Joseph to be the Doctor, and I'd love to see Adrian Lester as the Master.

If I remember correctly Yaphet Kotto thought it was great that a black man was the villain in Live and Let Die, because black actors were rarely cast as the evil mastermind, just the henchmen.

I think if the Doctor had to address historical prejudice every time he travelled in time there wouldn't actually be time to have an adventure.

And of course stuff like this concentrated on Who itself and ignored The Sarah Jane Adventures, which had Rani's ethnicity brought up several times in the past, and Clyde's addressed as well during WW2.

Something else that does need to be acknowledged if the ethnic breakdown of the UK 2011 census data shows 86% of the population in England and Wales are white, 7.5% South Asian, and only 3.3% Black.

If anything I think the Doctor needs a companion of Indian/Pakistani origin (would have loved to see the doctor from God Complex back again).
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