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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

7x19-Resurrection: This episode felt a bit like it was channeling the sci-fi flick Species. A secret N.I.D. facility is found that has been trying to cross breed Gou'ald DNA with Human DNA. Essentially cloning and cross breeding from living cells. We find out it's taken them over 40 tries to "perfect" a living specimen. We find out about it cause the "specimen" manages to kill all but 1 person at the facility and a 911 call is made. Upon arriving on the scene Sams...friend realizes he needs to call them in. The goal is to have a human who can access and benefit from Gou'ald physiology and memories but not be subjected to the Gou'ald mindset. Even at try number 40+ that isn't going to work. I noticed it was Directed by Amanda Tapping. Was this her first directoral gig? On the show? Ever? Pretty good episode for basically a "one set" piece. I mean we were in other locations in the warehouse but I don't recall being at the SGC at all. Even off world episodes usually have a static shock of talking to Hammond in the SGC Command control room.

7x20-Inaguration: A clip show! I don't recall the last one, seemed we had one a season but I don't recall season 6's installment off hand. Also, we have a new President. As much as Hammond likes to talk about his ties to the President and such this sets up a possible transition for things. What makes this episode so much more than a clip show is that we see the political ladder climbing of Kinsey...he's now the VP!!! He brings in Woolsey(Picardo) without missing a beat to try and reorganize the SGC literally on the first day. As far as clip shows goes, this one felt less 'clippy' than most but they used those clips when debriefing the President so the use made perfect sense. I want to say the episode left me wanting to like Woolsey show of character and pride but I don't want to jump to liking him just yet.

7x21&22(?)-Lost City: Since this was twice as long I'm assuming it's defacto episode 22 also. Was it shown like this and if so, why? The SGC, Daniel, believes it is right on top of discovering the Lost City. A clue leads them to site that allegedly has the location but Anubis is also closing in. Last time a human(Jack) tried getting intel out of an Ancient device it about drove him mad and killed him. That mental, memory upload does a number on your gray matter. SG-1 has gotten there first but Anubis comes swooping in with his gliders and Jaffa and clone warriors. Daniel is about to go for the memory upload, Jack stops him, explaining he'll be the one they need to solve everything latter. Jack thrusts himself into the device. SG-1 destroys the Ancients access control and leaves. Anubis is not happy, he has his clone warriors gun down the Jaffa who failed him. Meanwhile our new President, who suspects the public is going to become fully aware of the SG program sooner than later decides change is in order. He installs a civilian leader, replacing Hammond. Kinsey is of course determined as ever to take over control of the SG somehow, someway. When SG-1 indicates we have about 3 days before Anubis shows up wanting the info they got, Kinsey down plays it hard and fast. Master Bra'tec shows up confirming that scouts show Anubis headed toward Earth. I liked the nod to an earlier episode when Thor corrected Kinsey with the instance on "Supreme" Commander, and O'Neill emphasis' that it's "Master" Bra'tec to Kinsey. Lost City is once again linked to the term Atalantis. Is this the beginning of the spinoff? SG-1 finds out on an away mission to another Ancients city that the location of the Lost City is in the Antarctic...or it is now, cause continental drift wasn't accounted for in the map they saw. This of course even more fully explains why that 2nd, older gate, was there to begin with. Anubis shows up with a few scout ships, hanging back himself, waiting to see if Earth is utilizing the stolen info. Kinsey is confident that the scout contingent IS the whole Anubis fleet and wants Prometheus sent out to handle it. Our new President is starting to see the blind error that is Kinsey's thinking. Anubis starts out only attacking communications networks? Seems a bit tame for him don'tcha think? That is about my only plot issue for this two parter. The Prometheus is unleased with....Hammond at the Captains chair as SG-1 makes it's way to Antarctica and finds...the Lost City? They think so at first but then reneg on that idea? I'm starting to think "the secret lies with Charlotte"....I mean how many clues till we find this 'Lost City' already. So the real zinger is that Jack ends up encased in some kind of stasis chamber, like a bug in amber. Victory is had, VP Kinsey is expected to resign(that'll be the day) and the show's over. No victory parade, welcome back Hammond and the just ends.
Perpelexing final episode with cliff hangers abounding.

OMG, 7 seasons down!! 3 more to go...what a ride so far. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey, your insight has helped me out a few times.
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