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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

'Tis I, the infamous BolianAdmiral, here, saying hello, to all my fellow TNG fans! I grew up watching TNG, and my first episode was "Conspiracy". My favorite character, on a non-hormonal level, has always been Data, but I also love Picard, because he is a very composed man, in full command of his emotions and faculties.

My favorite character, on a physical attraction level, is DEFIANTELY Doctor Crusher... Gates MacFadden is HOT, HOT, HOT! She'll always be my favorite, followed by Commander Neela Darren.

My favorite episode would have to be "The Wounded". It has some VERY powerful character moments in it, and Bob Gunton gives a very convincing performance as Captain Maxwell. I also loved "Sarek". That episode actually DID make me cry. When Picard speaks out Sarek's thought that he has always loved Spock, I just lost it... that was a VERY powerful moment.

My favorite seasons of TNG are 3 and 4. In my opinion, the show's best writing was during those seasons.

My favorite TNG ship is of course the 1701-D, but my favorite ship class from the show is the Nebula-Class ship.

My favorite guest character has to be Captain Edward Jellico. He knew his stuff, and he whipped the crew into shape! I also REALLY like Gul Madred.
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