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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Greetings! I'm 22 and just finished getting a 2-year journalism course in Canada, and I've moved back to the Bahamas, where I grew up, looking for a job when I didn't find any up in the Great white north.

I was 3-just-about-to-turn-4 when TNG premiered but we missed much of the 1st season until the spring of 88 when we got our big C-Band satellite. The first ep I remember seeing is 'Where Silence has Lease' and Nagilum scared the crap out of me .

What do I like to talk about when discussing TNG? Well, really anything, but I like getting into character debates most of all. My faves are Picard, Data, Riker, Q, Guinan, Vash and Chief O'Brien. I would have liked to have seen how Tasha turned out had Denise Crosby decided to stay.

The acting company on the show was stellar, with Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, and Colm Meany being the ones that stick out the most. ANd the guest casting (most notably Jean Simmons, David Warner, Ronny Cox) was almost always spot on.

I *hate* Wesley! Always have, always will! The fact that this *child* is allowed to fly the flagship with no Starfleet training, he's this 'Mozart' of time and space (gag me) and manages to outthink the senior staff at times is ridiculous! Not to mention that sometimes the other characters have to be dumbed down so that Wes could be this little 'hero' infuriates me. I also pretty much can't stand season 1 Troi.

I feel that TNG got into a little but of a rut after about mid-season 6, things got a little too status quo and dull until AGT came along. That was most of my problem with season 7 - it *bored* me to death. If they had ended season 6 with 'Timescape' and then 'All Good Things' then I think that would have been a more worthy send-off season.

Oh, and the whole 'perfect 24th century human' philosophy never appealed to me. At all.

But overall, I regard TNG and DS9 as the pinnacle of Star Trek in terms of quality and popularity. Not perfect, by any means, by damn good. :thumbsup:
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