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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Seriously though, I don't have a big problem with Enterprise being big. My only real concern there is why would such a large vessel be given to such a wet behind the ears officer? 'That's a lot of star ship for a young man.' He should get a frigate or a light cruiser first.
My impression is that the Enterprise IS a light cruiser. It's a big ship -- bigger than many of its predecessors to be sure -- but hardly the biggest in the fleet. I also got the impression that USS Vengeance wasn't a totally new class of ship, but an extensive modification of an existing class, up-armored and reinforced for heavy combat. The actual "Dreadnaught class" probably looked a bit more like the Excelsior or the Enterprise-E and lacking extensive automation systems would probably require a crew of four or five thousand.

And, on a personal level I've always thought it was cooler when the Enterprise was a smaller, humbler, ship. It adds risk and heightens the peril factor.
Funny, that didn't seem to work all that well on Voyager.
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