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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi All. I'm 21 and have been a TNG fan for pretty much my entire life. I started watching TNG as family viewing every Saturday Night at 8:00 PM and it was something that kept with me ever since. At first I didn't understand the concepts, because I was watching it at like 3 years old, but as I grew older and wiser, I started to really love TNG and that is how it became my favorite series. I remember when it was about to go off the air, and there was that viewers choice marathon that saturday and then the finale Monday night. At the time, I had no idea that TNG was going to go to movies, so while I wasn't sad, I was emotional thinking that All Good Things would have been the last time I saw my second family on TV.

I'm a fan of the other series too, but everything stemed from TNG. I found the concepts and themes unique and cool, and as a young trek fan at the time, I was excited for DS9 and then Voyager. Because of school, I didn't see all of DS9, stopping at season 4, but picking it up again at mid season 5 and watching it till the end. I did see all of Voyager, and really enjoyed that series. Unfortunatly, I didn't much care for the final 2 seasons, and the finale felt like an insult to me, since I had watched them for 7 years. It felt incomplete and just a total slap in the face. I watched all of Enteprise, but didn't like seasons 2 or 3, so I decided to stop watching. I'm regretting that decsision though because I heard so much about the greatness of season 4, and decided to watch some of it. I was impressed that ENT had improved, and I'm currently watching it in syndication. If you want more on my Enterprise history, there is a great thread in that forum: Enterprise Link

I guess what I really love about TNG were the characters and how they just clicked together. There are so many character moments, and the stories every week not just fascinated me, but were cool consistantly every week. I try to look for good in everything, and I even find a lot of good in things people bash about, such as season 7 (Which I do like). Here are some of my favorite episodes via seasons in two catigories, best and underrated:


Season 1: Conspiracy
Season 2: Contagion
Season 3: Defector
Season 4: The Drumhead
Season 5: The Inner Light
Season 6: Chain of Command
Season 7: All Good Things


Season 1: Heart of Glory, The Battle

Season 2: Contagion, Peek Performence (I did like Shades of gray this season too)

Season 3: High Ground, The Survivors, The Enemy

Season 4: Family, The Mind's Eye

Season 5: The Masterpeice Society, Perfect Mate, The Game

Season 6: Ship in the Bottle, Timescape

Season 7: Pre-emptive Strike, Lower Decks, Emergence, Thine Own Self

My favorite character is probably Riker, even though I like all of them except for Troi.
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