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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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I think the story was great. But the poor acting in the characters of Sulu and Dr. McCoy brought me out of the story to much. The sets looked great and the effects were good.

I'm just wondering if we're going to be getting TOS fatigue now that we have JJ TOS, Phase II TOS, and now this TOS. Not to mention the numerous other prequels or same era fan films. I'm not complaining by any means, these efforts, by the most part, are done from the heart, but how many men will it take playing Kirk when people finally say enough is enough and watch something else.

That's why Intrepid is my favorite fan film, because of it's unique story lines set in the TNG era. Me personally, I'm tired of the TOS Kirk era stories.
I think that's a valid complaint, even though I don't share it. However, I do think TOS-era, whether with the original crew or not, is here to stay.

The big draw for me is the physical sets, which are very common in TOS-era fan films, and very rare in TNG-era films. With the sterling exception of Intrepid, most of the TNG-era stuff I've seen has been very bad green-screen work, and that just doesn't draw me.

I'll keep watching as long as they keep making.
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