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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Forgive me for not putiing out much personal info (Im paranoid like that), but I'll be glad to talk about TNG till kingdome come . Ill post just some (pseudo)random thoughts on TNG in general:

People say TNG has aged badly, I stare at them at disbelief, TNG feels very real to me (as I was a teen when I first started watching, and TNG was my first trek show, this might influence my judgement). I think its 'over optimism' is a good thing, especially when you are a hormoned up and disillusioned teenager.

Character wise, Ive always had a soft spot for the Geordi Data friendship, the strongest on the show (next to maybe Guinan-Picard, but we dont see it much). Two very different people (both from each others perspective, and relative to 'normal' in society) forming such a strong bond; plus I always root for the engineer.

Although I dont like the early seasons very much, I enjoy seasons 6 and 7 more than others, I don't see why 7 gets bashed so much. I also want to add, I thinkForce of Nature is a pretty good episode *ducks*.

The biggest mistake I feel TNG made was keeping itself so episodic. True that there were some serialized elements that carried and developed through the series, too many times did characters not really change when they should have, that is part of the appeal of DS9, but thankfully TNG didnt resort to the bigblinkingredreset button like VOY has done.

Finally, how can you talk about TNG with out talking about Picard, IMO the best role model in all of trek. The character represents the height of integrity and morality in my view, while at the same time, hes never perfect, and has made many mistakes in life (its nice to see someone who is capable of becoming a great person, whilst having a slightly checkered past). 'Picard speeches' are TNG at its best. No other trek show (or practivally any other tv show in general) can quite reach that level imo.
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