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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Gold Grizzly and Naraht, you are both evil. How many sets of eyes do I have to claw out?!



I'm 25 and also grew up watching TNG. As a kid, I was all about R/T. I remember waiting for Imzadi to come out in hardback. A month or so ago, I found the very first fanfiction I wrote ever at my father's house. I was eleven or so and I'd written it with my best friend. Apparently my P/C inclinations were so ingrained that I didn't even think twice about it--in the fic, P/C were married and had a kid. I didn't even remember this until I read over again. o_O

Overall, I just like TNG. I was upset when it was over, mourned, and moved to The X-Files.

In real life, I'm a photographer, writer, and fencer. And I post pictures like this:

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