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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

During Picard's reign, the Enterprise was mostly running peaceful exploratory missions. Now you're in a pre-war scenario and there's a ton at stake. Jellico had to get the shipping running like a military warship, rather than a science or diplomatic vessel. Riker wasn't used to that. Maybe he'd gotten a bit fat on his laurels.

I didn't like the character Jellico, but I appreciated what he was trying to do. This wasn't an "at ease" scenario... everybody had to be pushing 120%. Who knows, perhaps once the conflict was over, Jellico would've showed a warmer and more congenial side. In any case, I was seriously relieved once Picard resumed command.

I was also disappointed in Riker. He definitely revealed a side that was not flattering. Stewart's acting in that episode was epic. Even down to his reaction to Riker's struggle with Jellico.
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