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Re: If it's should that be another stargate series

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If they do a reboot they should call it SG-2, and basically be SG-1 all over again but through the eyes of another team, or do a series where Stargate goes public or a series based on the ancients :P
I remember Adam Baldwin lobbying to get a Stargate spinoff.

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I would like to see a Stargate show about the Ancients themselves. That could be interesting and fun.
I think it would be for us fans, but I can't imagine that a show like that would sell very well.
I once suggested a series that took place in the past and would have been told from the perspective of a primitive culture. Instead of being a military/science/planetary exploration show, it would have been more about magic, gods and other realms, like Hercules/Xena/Lord of the Rings.
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