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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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No doubt Paramount will do more research into why this film didn't hit the numbers they wanted. Maybe they'll knock at least a year off the turnaround time for the next one. Or if they have a villain the general audience is well aware of, they could consider not keeping him a secret.

Seems to me that Into Darkness was geared more toward fans than 2009. See, I thought 2009 was "meh" but really loved STID. I'm an old, cranky die-hard fan. I'm not the guy they should be pleasing. There was a lot of fan service here, much more than in ST 09. Methinks they need to go back to making movies I think are "meh" and get their money back in earnest.
I hate to interrupt, but STID has made more money to date than Trek '09 did, by about 55 million dollars. The foreign take is double what it was at this point in the first movie's run.

STID is going to make more money than Trek '09. Hiring an international star like Cumberbatch did wonders for the film in overseas markets, along with a much larger marketing push. This sets the stage nicely for an even stronger foreign performance for the next Bad Robot Trek production.
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