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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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Babylon 5 was cancelled.

Everything was used up, tied off and delicious.

Then WB surprise reversed the cancellation and JMS was caught flatfooted with no story left to tell.

Season 5 is a come back from the dead frakking zombie.
Wrong in several respects.

1) PTEN folded. Not quite the same as canceling a show. They had no money for *any* shows.
2) TNT were the ones to pay for a fifth season as part of buying the syndication package.
3) There was still story to tell, particularly around G'Kar and Londo. Joe even talks about it in the script books, and on the DVD commentary, that the Fall of Centauri Prime was the major event that the five years was building to.

Takeru wrote: View Post
Oh, I forgot the effects, they're bad. I don't care if they were good for their time, good for their time still equals bad because cgi wasn't even close to good enough for weekly television (there's a reason Star Trek still used models),
Actually, there's a reason Star Trek: Voyager decided to use the same exact company that produced the first three seasons of B5's CGI.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
spent millions generating computerized special effects
The overall per episode budget was only $900k.
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