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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Plus I look at STiD's #3 spot like this. It was only just barely #3. Hangover III did a mere 4 million more in business which in big movie release terms means that they were more or less tied.
Considering that STID opened at a huge number of IMAX locations and that it was in 3-D at a higher ticket price than the previous film + that Paramount make a big effort to promote and even release the film overseas first - coupled with the fact that they hired an international film star, Cumberbatch and it didn't, 'hit it out of the park,' with over $100 million opening weekend - I'd wager that the beancounters at Paramount are disappointed.

But, go right ahead an put the happy face on the numbers.

We shall see.

As an aside, I wonder if Paramount is worried about their next big release in June, World War Z, which they've also put a subsantial financial stake into?

I'm sure that Iron Man however has pleased everyone at Paramount this summer however.
We shall see what, exactly? There's going to be a third film by the same production company featuring the same cast.
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